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Year: 2020

Working with a narcissistic co-parent

Divorces are sometimes the result of a mental health condition of one of the spouses. For some, this happens because of narcissism. Unfortunately, people who go have a child with a narcissist will still have to deal with that individual because of the child. There are...

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How to make co-parenting work for you

You’ve gone through the divorce process, you understand your legal rights and you’re ready to turn your full attention to the future well-being of your children. Unfortunately, even if you have the best intentions, you’re still dealing with your ex-spouse on a regular...

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What does a child need in a home?

When considering your child custody arrangement, you want to give your child the type of home life that makes them comfortable, relaxed and happy. Childhood is a special time. It is supposed to be carefree and enjoyable. The home -- or homes -- that a child lives in...

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