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Fighting For Fair Custody Solutions

As a parent, your focus should be on raising your children, not fighting for custody or visitation rights. At Topinka Law, we are committed to helping resolve all types of child custody disputes as effectively as possible. While prioritizing the best interests of your children at heart, we will advocate for a solution that is fair for everyone involved.

What Cases Do We Handle?

Each child custody case is different, but some of the common types of cases we can assist with include:

  • Custody disputes within the divorce process
  • Joint custody agreements and parenting plans for parents who are unmarried, separated or divorced
  • Open cases that have been tied up in the court system and could benefit from a fresh perspective
  • Custody and visitation disputes involving grandparents or other relatives who have been raising the children
  • Matters involving Child and Youth Services
  • Stepparent adoptions

Depending on where you are in the process, we can help with everything from negotiating an initial agreement to advocating for you in court. We will usually try to negotiate a fair agreement before going in front of a judge so that you can have the most control possible over the situation. Joint or shared custody agreements are often ideal, but they don’t work in every situation. We will work to find the best possible solution for your particular situation.

We Can Help When Circumstances Change

As your children grow up and your family changes, your custody and visitation agreements may need to change as well. We can assist with modifications in situations such as remarriage and relocation.

Grandparents’ Rights In Custody

Pennsylvania law allows a grandparent to seek custody under certain circumstances. Grandparents who are concerned about the well-being of their grandchild or who want to continue their active role in raising the child may be able to secure legal custody. Grandparents’ rights can be complicated under the law, so it is important to choose a lawyer with extensive experience in custody cases.

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