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On Your Side Throughout Family Law Matters

At Topinka Law, we are passionate about advocating for children and families. Our attorney is dedicated to protecting and advocating for children, serving as a court-appointed special advocate and guardian ad litem. If you have children, we will ensure that our legal solutions always keep their best interests in mind.

When your family’s future is at stake, we will stand by your side. To schedule a consultation, call our law office in State College at 814-954-1169.

Comprehensive Family Law Services

We help people resolve a wide range of family law matters, including:

Child custody issues: Even the most amicable end to a breakup can have a huge impact on children. We work hard to protect both your interests and the interests of your child in all matters involving child custody and visitation.

Divorce: Whether contested or uncontested, we can help provide you with the resources you need to ensure that all issues surrounding a divorce proceeding are resolved.

Child support: Whether you are seeking support payments or are being asked to make payments, we will work hard to reach an agreement that provides your child with the necessary level of financial support.

Spousal support: Support payments to an ex-spouse may be necessary to help them maintain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. Spousal support payments are rarely permanent and are subject to modification.

Child custody modifications: It may be necessary to seek a modification to a custody order if one parent is planning to move away or if there has been another substantial change in circumstances. We can help support or defend against a modification request.

Stepparent adoptions: It is never too late in a child’s life to begin thinking about having a stepparent pursue an adoption. The adoption process will give the stepparent parental rights, and can help strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Youth services matters: When child and youth services become involved in a case, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. We are committed to protecting children who are subject to a youth services matter.

Domestic abuse: If you are going through a divorce or custody dispute, and domestic violence is a factor, we can help. Our first priority is keeping you and your children safe. If necessary, we will file a protection from abuse order and stay by your side throughout the process.

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When facing legal issues that affect your family, the process can be intimidating. When you work with us, we will make sure you understand your options and the process from the beginning, providing you with regular updates to help you feel prepared and at ease. To discuss how we can help you with your specific situation, contact us online or call 814-954-1169. We serve clients throughout Centre County, and across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.