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Do You Need To Modify The Child Support You Pay Or Receive?

After a Pennsylvania court issues your child support decree, your life may change dramatically. Perhaps you change jobs, move out of state or have more children. If your life circumstances change substantially, then you may need to petition the court to modify your child support decree.

Post-decree modifications are something that Topinka Law knows well. As an experienced family law firm serving the State College metro, we have helped numerous clients obtain modifications for the child support they pay or receive.

What Circumstances Qualify For A Modification?

If you and the child’s other parent mutually agree on a modification to your child support order, the court will likely grant your request. But a judge will not modify a custody order simply because one parent requests it. You must have one or more changes in your life for the court to grant your request. These may include:

  • Relocation
  • Change in income, including loss of a job
  • Change in custody and visitation arrangement
  • Birth or adoption of another child
  • Change in the child’s financial needs

How Do I Modify My Child Support Decree?

1.) Talk to your partner

Before heading to court, talk to your child’s parent and see if you can negotiate a mutually satisfactory change in your child support.

2.) Send a written agreement

If you both agree to the change, you can send the court a notarized document of the modifications.

3.) Petition the court

If you and your spouse do not agree, file a Petition to Modify with the court in your jurisdiction.

4.) Attend a hearing

You and your attorney will then attend a court hearing to receive the judge’s decision.

Get Help To Modify Your Child Support Order

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We look forward to helping you find a solution that fits your current life circumstances.