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What are the responsibilities of a guardian ad litem?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Guardian Ad Litem

As you likely understand, those going through child custody proceedings in State College, PA, is an extremely difficult situation for parents and kids alike. Making an already troubling situation feel much worse, some parents learn that they must work with a guardian ad litem during custody matters. This sounds like a negative term, but in most cases, this is simply a way to protect the best interests of the children.

The guardian ad litem assigned to your case serves as your child’s advocate throughout your child custody proceedings. For many, it is frightening to know that the court has assigned a guardian ad litem for your child. However, it may make you feel better about the situation to learn what this advocate can do on behalf of your children. Some of the most common responsibilities such an individual performs include:

  • Acting as an objective participant in all proceedings involving the child
  • Reviewing court records and other documentation involving the entire family
  • Interviewing parents and other caregivers on behalf of your child
  • Making recommendations to a judge or a court to protect the child’s best interests
  • Speaking on behalf of the child regarding his or her wishes in custody and other family law matters
  • When appropriate, helping the child understand the proceedings
  • Performing a full investigation according to the court’s orders

You want to protect your children from undue hardships when you are going through a divorce or a custody action. Fortunately, so does your guardian ad litem. Despite this, it is still vital to acquire experienced legal counsel anytime you must work with a family court in the state. This ensures that both you and your kids have a knowledgeable representative to speak and act in the best interests of your family.