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Secure Your Children’s Financial Futures

You have worked tirelessly to build your career and raise your children. Now that you face a child support dispute, you fear for you and your child’s financial security. Will you be able to afford your current lifestyle? Will your children’s needs be met? If you have more children in the future, how will it affect them?

Whether you are seeking child support or your partner is requesting it from you, Topinka Law can advocate for your legal rights. Our attorney can determine how much money you need or how much you can afford to pay. Then, we will stand up for you in court to seek reach the arrangement that is best for you.

How Does Pennsylvania Determine Child Support?

Courts in Pennsylvania consider several factors when issuing a decision regarding child support. There is no one-size-fits-all formula that the court uses. Instead, the judge will consider the unique influence of factors in your particular circumstances. These can include:

  • The income, assets and debts of each parent
  • Other child support obligations
  • The child custody and visitation arrangement
  • The child’s health insurance needs
  • The number of children
  • The child’s stated preference

If your life circumstances have changed, you may also petition the court for a post-decree modification.

Get Guidance And Calm In Your Custody Proceedings

Like child custody disputes, child support cases can quickly become contentious. You cannot control how someone else reacts, but you can control your own actions. Topinka Law provides confident, reassuring counsel that can help you remain in control throughout your case. You have enough stress in your life without a child support quarrel. By shouldering the legal burden, we help you remain relaxed and present for your children.

Protect Your Finances And Future. Get A Consultation.

Every child support case is different. We can discuss your circumstances and help you understand what to expect from your case when you consult our attorney. To schedule an initial consultation, call our office in State College at 814-954-1169 or send the firm an email.