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Protecting Your Family Through It All

At Topinka Law, nothing matters more to us than protecting children during times of upheaval. The legal situations that affect families are often emotional and intensely personal. Child custody disputes, family violence, guardianship concerns, divorce and changing circumstances can threaten your children’s wellbeing. We can help you protect their best interests with strong, experienced legal guidance.

Our Practice Areas

Child Custody

There is nothing more important than your relationship with your children. We have the skill and experience to protect your rights in child custody disputes.

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Protection From Abuse

Domestic violence impacts child custody and other family law decisions. Allegations of abuse may involve criminal and family law proceedings. We help families deal with PFA orders and all related concerns

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Child And Youth Services Cases

When a family law case involves Child and Youth Services (CYS), the stakes are high. It is important to protect your family with experienced counsel.

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Family Law Matters

Our work includes many legal issues that affect families. From adoption and divorce, to child support modifications and visitation rights, we can help you with passionate advocacy.

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Your Case Matters

What could be more important than the health and happiness of your family? The outcome of your family law case has the power to change your relationship with your own children. With so much at stake, you need an attorney you can trust to fight for you and your children. Your lawyer should be attentive, accessible and highly skilled.


Child Custody And Family Law Guidance In Pennsylvania

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