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Protecting the Rights of the Children You Love: Navigating CYS Cases

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Child and Youth Services (CYS)

As parents or caregivers, few things are as important as the well-being and safety of the children we love. Unfortunately, there are situations where the rights of parents and the welfare of children come into conflict. When this happens, it’s crucial to understand your legal options and seek the assistance of a skilled family law attorney. At Topinka Law, we specialize in handling cases involving Children and Youth Services (CYS), and we’re here to make a significant difference in the lives of families facing challenging circumstances.

CYS Cases: What You Need to Know

What Happens in a Dependency Proceeding?

Dependency proceedings are a critical part of the child welfare system. These proceedings are initiated when CYS investigates the welfare of a child and determines whether the child should be placed in the state’s care. Here’s a breakdown of what typically occurs:

  1. Emergency Shelter Hearing:

When CYS removes a child from their home due to safety concerns, the court must hold an Emergency Shelter hearing within three days. During this hearing, a temporary decision is made regarding where the child will stay. Options include returning to their parents, living with another relative, or being placed with a foster family. It’s important to note that this decision is temporary and subject to change.

  1. Adjudication and Disposition Hearing:

Within 10 to 45 days following the Emergency Shelter hearing, the court conducts an Adjudication and Disposition hearing. This hearing is a pivotal moment in the process. It’s your opportunity to present your side of the story and make a case for the child’s best interests. To navigate this complex legal landscape successfully, it’s essential to work with a family law attorney who specializes in CYS cases. At Topinka Law, we’re dedicated to helping you put your best foot forward, present a persuasive case in court, and ultimately secure custody of the child.

  1. Review Hearing:

After the Adjudication and Disposition hearing, the court typically holds review hearings approximately every six months. These hearings assess the child’s evolving needs and evaluate their placement. It’s an ongoing process aimed at ensuring the child’s well-being.


Protecting the rights and welfare of the children you love is a profound responsibility. When faced with a CYS case, it’s essential to have the guidance and support of experienced legal professionals. Topinka Law is here to stand with parents, grandparents, and relatives who are navigating the complexities of CYS cases. Our commitment is to work tirelessly to achieve positive outcomes for you and the child involved. In these challenging times, we are your dedicated advocates for a brighter future.

If you have questions or need legal assistance in a CYS case, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your child’s well-being and your rights as a caregiver are of utmost importance, and we are here to help you every step of the way.