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Protecting The Rights Of The Children You Love

When your rights as a parent are at stake, a lawyer can make the difference between a dark future and a bright one. At Topinka Law, we handle cases involving Children and Youth Services or CYS.

We can help parents, grandparents and other relatives if CYP has opened a case involving a child they love. In some cases, a mother or father wants to keep custody of their children. In other cases, a relative believes that a child is living in an unsafe situation and wishes to intervene. Whatever your circumstances, Topinka Law will work fervently to reach a positive outcome for you and the child.

What Happens In A Dependency Proceeding?

A dependency proceeding is when CYS investigates a child’s welfare and determines whether the child should go into the state’s care.

  • Emergency Shelter hearing

After CYS removes a child from a home, the court must have an Emergency Shelter hearing within three days. This hearing will determine where the child goes to live — with their parents, with another relative or with a foster family. This decision is only temporary.

  • Adjudication and disposition hearing

Within 10 to 45 days, the court will hold a hearing to determine whether to place a child in the long-term care of a relative or the state. This is when you get to present your side of the story. It is absolutely crucial to work with a family law attorney who understands the ins and outs of CYS cases. Topinka Law can help you put your best foot forward, present a persuasive case in court and get custody of the child.

  • Review hearing

Usually, the court holds another hearing every six months to review the child’s needs and assess their placement.

Get A Free Consultation As Soon As Possible

Time is crucial in CYS cases. The faster you act, the stronger you can make your case and prevent a negative outcome. Contact Topinka Law’s office in State College for a free consultation. To reach us, call 814-954-1169 or send us an email.