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​Representing The Best Interests Of Your Child

Pennsylvania courts are dedicated to promoting the best interests of the children involved in custody matters. In some cases, the court chooses to make a motion to have a guardian ad litem appointed to represent those interests. In other cases, a party seeking custody can bring such a motion. Whether the guardian ad litem is requested by the court or by a parent, grandparent or other person seeking custody, the attorney chosen is there to represent only the child’s interests.

An Experienced, Caring Advocate

At Topinka Law, we work to serve the needs of children in every case. Nothing matters more to us than ensuring that the best interests of children are not lost or neglected during legal proceedings. Attorney Barbara Topinka has extensive experience representing the interests of children of all ages in Pennsylvania courts. She is skilled in the legal duties and responsibilities granted to a guardian ad litem. In addition, she is a caring and supportive advocate for children.

Appointing A Guardian Ad Litem

Courts often appoint a guardian ad litem in cases where substantial allegations of abuse of the child are made. A guardian may also be appointed in cases where the court or one of the parties involved is seeking more information about the child’s circumstances. Private parties often want a guardian ad litem for the same reasons as the court.

To fulfill the role of advocate for the child, a guardian ad litem has the authority to meet with the child, if appropriate, throughout the proceeding. The guardian can review court records, participate in the proceedings, conduct further investigation and interview witnesses. The guardian ad litem helps children understand the proceedings, and helps them communicate their wishes to the court. Finally, the guardian ad litem will make specific recommendations to the court about the best interests of the child. Appointing a guardian ad litem can be vital in supporting the needs of a child in a difficult situation.

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