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How to make co-parenting work for you

You’ve gone through the divorce process, you understand your legal rights and you’re ready to turn your full attention to the future well-being of your children. Unfortunately, even if you have the best intentions, you’re still dealing with your ex-spouse on a regular...

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What does a child need in a home?

When considering your child custody arrangement, you want to give your child the type of home life that makes them comfortable, relaxed and happy. Childhood is a special time. It is supposed to be carefree and enjoyable. The home -- or homes -- that a child lives in...

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What is parental alienation?

Parents who are not married and yet share custody of their children face many challenges. They have to determine how to do the best possible job for their children, putting them first every step of the way. They also have to work together as adults, even though their...

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