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Your child’s grandparents called Children and Youth Services on you: What now?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Child and Youth Services (CYS)

You and your parents (or your spouse’s parents) have never seen eye-to-eye on much, and the family tensions have escalated ever since you had a child.

Now, shortly after you’ve had words (again) with your parents about the way that you’re raising your child, a caseworker from Children and Youth Services (CYS) calls you and asks for a meeting.

What do you do now? Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Get the caseworker’s contact information and call an attorney. You cannot afford to ignore this situation. If you don’t respond to the phone call, you can eventually expect to find CYS at your door, instead.
  • Do not respond with anger to the CYS worker. That won’t help your case if you want to present the image of a calm, collected parent who has everything under control. CYS is legally obligated to respond to reports of suspected neglect or abuse — even if the stories they hear are fictions.
  • If the CYS worker comes to your door, you do not have to answer. You also don’t have to let them into your home unless they have a warrant. Keep in mind, refusing to answer the door won’t stop an investigation — but it can buy you some time to consult with legal  counsel.

In conjunction with your legal counsel, you can decide how best to move forward. CYS may see the report for what it really is — and attempt by your child’s grandparents to manipulate the system to their advantage. In the meantime, it’s smart to make sure that you have an experienced legal advocate on your side. Please continue reviewing our site for more information or contact us directly for help.