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Parallel parenting may help when communication is a problem

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Child Custody

Like married couples anywhere else, those here in Pennsylvania who are facing divorce cannot always put aside their personal differences to continue to raise their children. The one thing they do agree on is that their children need both of them in their lives regardless of whether the parents stay married. Fortunately, parallel parenting could help them through this rough patch.

Parallel parenting is a child custody arrangement in which the parents only communicate through methods that limit in-person communication such as email. This helps reduce the potential for conflict since each parent can take the time to consider their responses and not just say whatever is on their minds, which could start an argument. In addition, the communications are limited to important information regarding the children.

By limiting conflict, each parent can focus on the children when he or she is with them, which keeps the children in the forefront of the parent’s mind. Each parent can enjoy the time he or she has with the children without the stress of arguing. The good thing is that this arrangement does not have to be permanent. As time goes by, the negativity could diminish to the point where the parents can interact more. At that point, they can move more into a co-parenting relationship.

Of course, creating parallel parenting time entails more than just deciding on a method of communication. Other factors will also need consideration in order to put together a well-rounded agreement that benefits everyone involved. For instance, a highly detailed schedule, a method for resolving conflicts and a parenting time exchange method are just some of the other details needed. Finally, the agreement will need to meet with the approval of the court, which is just another reason to work with an experienced Pennsylvania family law attorney in order to reach an agreement that works.